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Have you heard about the three absent-minded sisters - Wanda, Martha & Wilma - who lived together in the same house? One day, when Wanda decided to take a bath, she drew the bath water & began undressing.

But suddenly she stopped & said, "I don’t remember. Am I getting into the tub or am I getting out?" She yelled to her sister Martha, "Martha, help me. Am I getting into the tub, or am I getting out?"

Martha hollered back from downstairs & said, "That’s a stupid question. I can’t believe you’re so absent minded." And she started up the stairs, but stopped about half way up & said. "Why am I on the stairs? Am I going up, or going down?"

So she cried for Wilma. "Wilma, come here. I can’t remember if I’m going up the stairs or going...

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