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I am reminded of a story where a salesman was driving through town and became hungry. He saw a sign for a restaurant and parked his car and went in. The first thing he noticed was how dirty the windows were, and then he saw how dirty the table tops were. The waitresses were sitting at a booth looking like they all had hangovers. As he stood there, a foul stench came from the grill. One of the waitresses called out and asked him what he wanted. He just said, "Nothing" and left.

Several months later, he was driving through the town again, and he was also hungry again. As he passed that restaurant, he saw a new sign in place of the old one. He slowed down and looked, and the windows were spotless. In the window was a sign that read, "Under New Management." He took a chance. He parked his car and went in. Everything was clean and in order, and the smell of delicious food came from the grill. New waitresses were there and all were professional and friendly.

He decided to take a chance, so he ordered a burger with all the fixins. It turned out to be the best food he had ever eaten. He couldn’t help but think how much better things can be when they are under new management.

How about you? What has your life been like lately? Are you in need of changing some things? You cannot do it by yourself.

(SOURCE: Bruce Ball,, "Under New Management" 6/30/08)

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