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Thom Rainer tells us in his book Giant Awakenings that "71% of breakout churches report an increased emphasis on prayer over the past several years as compared to only 40% of churches which continued on the plateau." Rainer also tells us that "Earle Cairns notes with profound simplicity that ’prayer ranks first in the coming of revival’." "In his study of prayer and revivals from 1726 to the present, Cairns notes that each renewal began with organized prayer groups. [He says] ’Prayer preceded the Scottish revival of 1742 and 1839. [And also] Moody, Chapman, and other nineteenth-century persons had many organized prayer groups praying for their work." If you want to see God move in this church and in this community, then we have to be praying!

(SOURCE: Damian Phillips,, "Praying Through Acts" 6/30/08)

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