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I read about an airplane that had been hijacked somewhere in Europe. As the hijacker made his demands to the pilot, something amazing happened: the pilot realized that the hijacker did not speak French. The pilot did speak French and knew that most of the passengers also spoke French.

So the pilot spoke to the passengers over the public address system of the aircraft. But he spoke in French, so the hijacker never really knew what the pilot was saying. The pilot said:

"The hijacker has demanded that we land right now. I am going to do that. Keep your seat belts fastened and you will be OK. As soon as we land, I am going to slam on the brakes. Since the hijacker is standing in the aisle, this will rock him backward. I will them immediately hit the gas, and this will rock him forward. He will fall flat on his face.

"When he falls, those of you in aisles one through ten are to pounce on him. The flight attendants are going to use the coffee makers to heat lots of hot water. Once you have him down, they will pour the hot water on him. By that time, I will have opened the cabin door, and the police will get him."

The plan worked perfectly!

Think about it: they began their day as a bunch of strangers on an airplane. But they survived and succeeded because they found themselves united by a common purpose and they each played their role in achieving that purpose.

The hijacker never knew what the pilot was going to do next. And you and I -- WE NEVER KNOW WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO NEXT.

(Source: From a sermon by Don Hawks, "What Do I Expect to Hear?" 7/13/08,

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