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Every now and then, I will have a home repair project to do. I don't mind trying to do some of these things. When we lived in South Dakota, there was a time when the toilet got clogged up. Well, the first thing I did was use a plunger, and it cleared it.

But the very next time we had to put toilet paper in there, it clogged again. It happened two or three more times, and I thought, "Something's clogged further down or something."

I bought one of those snakes that you stick down in there and turn the handle, and it's supposed to "roto-root" everything out. And it seemed to work, but it clogged up again the very next time. So I thought, "It's got to be clogged down in the pipes."

Now, I had never removed a toilet bowl from the floor before, so I was in new territory. I unscrewed the bolt that were holding the toilet in place, turned off the water, disconnected the water line, and flushed to make sure the water got out of the tank. Then I picked up the toilet and put it in the bathtub. If you have never done this before, it's GROSS!

I look down in the pipe; I can't see anything. I use the snake and go as far as it will go. Seems like it's all right. I had to replace the wax ring (it's about this big around, this thick--looks like a big ol' doughnut). I put the toilet back in place, bolted it down, connected the water, turned the water on, and it clogged again the next time we used it. I went through this whole thing two more times.

Finally, a couple of guys from the church said they'd come look at it; they did the same thing I did, only they took the toilet outside, turned it upside down, and sprayed water from the hose through the bottom. Out came a pen that had been trapped in the toilet. It would cause the clog, but could be cleared the paper was wet enough to break apart.

But I needed help, and I got help from some guys who are part of God's family. God has made us all different, and has given us different abilities, gifts, and experiences that have prepared us to be a help to other believers in God's family.

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