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  • Customer ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on May 2, 2010

    (ILL: Customer Service) Have you ever had to call a company about a product, and had to deal with customer service? It can be a nightmare, can’t it? I have had to call the IRS a few times in the past. You see, ministers are given some benefits in regard to their taxes, but you have to record the more

  • Amy Carmichael, Missionary To India's Children, ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Apr 14, 2010

    Amy Carmichael, missionary to India's children, said her ability to trust God began with her confidence in God's character. She believed that God is, first and always, a loving Father. She believed God was in control, and everything He allowed into her life was ultimately for her good. And as she more

  • How Many Of You, As Parents, Asked Your Kids To ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 25, 2010

    How many of you, as parents, asked your kids to go get you something--a glass of water, a towel, shoes, or something like that--and you spend the next 5 or 10 minutes dealing with their whining, or pouting, or tantrum, or just plain stubbornness? When I was between about 8-12 years old, many of more

  • The Body Reaching Out

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 22, 2010

    THE BODY REACHING OUT When I was in seminary and I moved into the dormitory, I went to the largest church in Fort Worth at the time. I was looking for a church to join, because I believe it's important for Christians to be a part of a local church. I didn't like the idea of "shopping around" for more

  • Confession Is Good For You

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 12, 2010

    CONFESSION IS GOOD FOR YOU We’ve all heard the old saying, "Confession is good for the soul." Even in non-Christian and non-spiritual circles, people believe that to be true. Psychologists or psychiatrists would say that when we confess our wrong actions, words, and thoughts, it’s like a burden more

  • Every Animal You Can Think Of -- Mammals, Birds, ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 5, 2010

    Every animal you can think of -- mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians -- has a brain. But the human brain is unique. It gives us the power to think, plan, speak, imagine... It is truly an amazing organ. The brain performs an incredible number of tasks:­ It controls body temperature, blood more

  • I Have A Water Filter Attached To My Kitchen Sink ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 5, 2010

    I have a water filter attached to my kitchen sink at home. The water normally smells bad, tastes bad, because it has stuff in it. When the water comes into the filter, the filter holds on to all the bad stuff. It doesn’t allow the bad stuff to go on through. I think our brains have a “filter” more

  • Demolish The Old, Build Something New

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 1, 2010

    DEMOLISH THE OLD, BUILD SOMETHING NEW I like watching those video clips of buildings being demolished with dynamite. The people that do that spend hours planning and setting the dynamite in place and wiring everything, so that everything will just kind of fall in on itself, without affecting more

  • How Many Of You Still Balance Your Checkbook By ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Mar 1, 2010

    How many of you still balance your checkbook by hand every month? How many of you have so little money in your account, you have to balance it every month? How many of you have so much money in the bank, you don’t have to worry about balancing it? Every month the bank sends you a statement more

  • Early Strategy Will Win The Game

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Feb 14, 2010

    EARLY STRATEGY WILL WIN THE GAME I’ve never been much on sports. When I was in the 10th grade, some of the older students started a chess club, and I joined it. I had learned how to play chess in the 5th grade. I would play at lunch time, and any other spare few minutes I could find. I checked more

  • God's Boot Camp

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Feb 14, 2010
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    GOD'S BOOT CAMP When a civilian enters the military, they go through boot camp. It's my understanding that in boot camp, the individual is broken down, and they are retrained to see themselves as part of the unit. They are conditioned to be disciplined to obey the commands of their superiors. In more

  • It's All His Anyway

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 29, 2009

    IT'S ALL HIS ANYWAY When I buy ice cream at the grocery store, sometimes we get possessive of a particular carton. One of my daughters will claim one flavor, and the other will claim a different flavor. So when I get ice cream, I get it from a carton that has been claimed by someone else. Now, more

  • Moving And Friendships

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    MOVING AND FRIENDSHIPS We live in a society where people, especially young adults, move so often they don’t have time to develop deep friendships. My mom and step father lived in the place where I grew up for about 25 years. During that 25 years, I moved more

  • Rick Warren: "People Aren't Looking For A ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    Rick Warren: "People aren’t looking for a friendly church; people are looking for friends." (Rick Warren’s more

  • Jim Jones: Whatever You Need

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    JIM JONES: WHATEVER YOU NEED Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples Temple, who led about 900 people to commit suicide, was quoted by a former follower as saying, "What you need to believe in is what you can see...If you see me as your friend, I’ll be your friend. As you see me as your father, I’ll be more

  • Some Of You Watch Or Listen To Charles Stanley, ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    Some of you watch or listen to Charles Stanley, John Hagee, Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, Billy Graham, David Jeremiah, or any number of others. I don’t know how many different preachers and teachers come on some of the satellite TV channels, because we don’t have that. Instead, our TV service more

  • The Panama Canal Was Built On An Isthmus In C...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    The Panama Canal was built on an isthmus in Central America. It was built to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. When ships used the canal they saved time, because they didn’t have to go around South America. It wasn’t as dangerous as the sea going around the cape. It saved money, making the more

  • What Does That Word ‘sanctified' Mean? It ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    What does that word ‘sanctified’ mean? It literally means ‘to separate something (from other things).’ When I was growing up, I remember when we were getting dressed to go to church, my mom or my grandmother, depending on where we were, would tell us to put on our ‘Sunday clothes.’ Or if you more

  • I Sat In A Courtroom As A Witness For The Motel ...

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    I sat in a courtroom as a witness for the motel I was working for, and, we were waiting on our case to come up, and one of the cases that was presented, was a man who stole food from a grocery store, and the reason he gave was that he and his family were hungry. Now, it is a terrible thing that we more

  • The Knack

    Contributed by Jerry Blaxton on Aug 27, 2009

    THE KNACK As most of you probably know, I like computers. When we were in South Dakota, our Director of Missions was always calling me for help with computer things. He would sometimes get a new program and install it on the office computer, and then, he couldn’t figure out how to use it. So, more