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Imagine you are on an airplane that cannot lower its landing gear, you know, let the wheels down. It can’t do anything on its own to land safely. It’s destined to crash and burn with all of its occupants because it no longer has the ability to make it safely on to the runway. It’s just a matter of time.

Let’s say that while the stewardess was giving her speech on safety precautions, you were the only one listening, you were the only one who took her serious, you are the only one who knows that a parachute will save you and you know where they are. You’ve now got good news for every passenger.

If they didn’t listen to the stewardess, maybe they will listen to you.

As the plane begins to come to the end of its flight, you begin to urge your fellow passengers to put on the parachute and trust it to save them from an inevitable bitter end.

Some may ignore you and turn the other way. Some may mock you and laugh in your face. Others may say it’s uncomfortable and really not for me. But those who heed your words and take that good news to heart will be saved.

Well, I think you get the point. God’s word is encouraging us today to get out the word. “Go everywhere and tell everyone the good news.” Is it happening? Aren’t you glad someone told you the good news? What then is preventing us from telling others the good news?

This is what I believe is holding the majority of us back; we don’t feel worthy. We think who am I that I should tell others their plane is crashing and if they don’t put on the parachute they’re going to be doomed.

“How could God ever use me to tell others about Jesus?

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