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David and Becky Guinn have been on my mind this past week. In 1997, the Lord blessed me to go with David on a mission trip to Ukraine. It was a life-changing experience for me. David and Becky deeply love the Lord. They have faithfully served the Lord for years in college ministry, mission work and evangelism. But in 2003, David's wife Becky went in the hospital for a heart valve replacement. There were drastic complications: both of Becky's arms and both of her legs had to be amputated.

If anybody could be excused for giving up, it would be David and Becky. But listen to part of what David wrote 10 months after the tragedy:

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Ten months ago, today, Becky was admitted into the UAB Hospital in Birmingham for a routine surgery to replace a valve in her heart. One week later we were beseeching the Lord to spare her life.

The frightening chain of events throughout her stay at UAB ended there Feb 7th when we were able to bring her home. Though she was released from the shackles of death, ahead of her stretched a long road to recovery.

Keeping our shoulders set squarely toward the horizon, always expecting another miracle of God's grace and provision. We do, however, turn our heads from time to time to see the landscape behind us -- looking, remembering, re-living the path that we have traveled thus far.

We are amazed. We see the faces of those that have helped us along way. We feel the strength of the prayers that have carried us through the most difficult valleys. And we hear the echoes of voices coming from so many people who have encouraged us in times and situations when we simply did not know how or where to keep going.

When a person is asked, "How are you doing?" Some might respond, "Under the circumstances, I am doing okay". But it is our desire and our goal to live "above the circumstances". We don't want to let our circumstances become an excuse to accept feelings of depression to be normal, or to settle into a lifestyle of less than God intended for us to have. We are committed to keeping our focus on God and not circumstances.


David Guinn and Family

(SOURCE: Taken from the Action Ministries Prayer Gram - October 15, 2003. From a sermon by Rick Crandall, "What Will You Do With Jesus?" 7/16/08)

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