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I saw the greatest rainbow ever coming home from work the other day. Often you see bits of a rainbow or both legs but this was a perfect bow that seemed to stretch from downtown Terrell to downtown Crandall. It was vivid as none before. I was awestruck. Yet, if you looked closely there was a twin rainbow but it was not near as bright and you could only see bits and pieces of it. Most of it was invisible. At one point, I was driving right under the perfect one and I felt like I was crossing into glory under God’s Arc de Triomphe.

Thinking about the two, the perfect and the mostly hidden or veiled one I thought of God’s promises. Sometimes in our lives, God’s promises stand out so bold and vibrant that we want to shout for glory! Other times they are hard to see in the rain or fog of life’s sorrows but if we look hard we will catch a glimpse of them. That may be all we need at the time. Yet, though they may seem faded at times and incomplete or worse yet, BROKEN, they are still there and in full effect and force! Behind the rain and through...

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