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It is because of some of the unique properties of water, a substance that makes up 75% of the earth and even makes up a large portion of your body, that life is even possible.

Because ice floats, the oceans and rivers and lakes can continue to keep all of the living things in the ocean alive because ice floats on top. Ice even acts as a blanket to the water underneath keeping it from freezing in the cold air temperatures. Because water can absorb a lot of heat, the temperature range keeps the earth to a range where life can function. It is because water is designed the way it is, with all of its unique properties, that life on earth is even possible.

There are times when we look at something, maybe like water, and can think, this seems like a mistake. But it is only when we look at things from a broader perspective that we can see how truly amazing the structure and design of certain things are.

The same is true for the design of the family and certain other roles in society that He has created. He has designed and given responsibilities to different roles in society so that things will work the best. It may not always seem that way from our perspective, but when we stop and take a look from a different perspective, we can see the wisdom.

For instance, if I told you that we could prevent the leading cause of death in teenagers tomorrow by making a new law, that would seem like a smart thing, wouldn’t it? Well, what if I told you that the leading cause of death in teenagers was driving accidents and to prevent it, the law should be changed to make the driving age 20? If you are a teen, that may not seem like the best answer, when viewed from your perspective, but there seems to be some wisdom in that.

(SOURCE: from a sermon by Scott Kirscher, "Kids" 7/27/08,

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