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The story of the basset hound appeared in Tacoma, Washington newspaper. The dog's name was Tattoo. The reporter wrote, "Tattoo didn't plan on going for a run that evening, but when his owner accidentally shut the poor dog's leash in the car door and drove away from home, Tattoo had little choice." Now, thankfully when he started driving, a policeman saw the poor dog's dilemma and pulled the car over. The cop had one interesting observation -- he said, "That basset hound was picking up his feet and putting them down [just] as fast as he could." Amazingly, his short legs got him up to 25 miles an hour in spite of being rolled several times!

When you think about life as a Christian, you may feel like Tattoo -- like something's got hold of your leash and you'll never get free. You might even think that to be a "good Christian" is really just a thing of "run or get run over".

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