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There was once a WISE OLD MAN sitting at the gate of an ancient city. A young traveler stopped before entering the city and asked the old man, "What kind of people live in this town?" The wise man answered with a question, "What kind of people were in the town you just came from?"

"Oh, they were liars and cheats and thugs and drunks, terrible people;’ the young traveler replied. The old man shook his head, "The people in this town are the same way:’

Later another stranger paused to ask the same question, and again the wise man questioned his questioner, "What kind of people did you just leave?"

The second traveler answered, "Oh, I left a fine town. The people were good and kind and honest and hardworking." The wise man smiled and said, "The people in this town are the same way:’

People who are kind and forgiving toward others usually experience tolerance from others themselves; those who are harsh, censorious and critical toward others find that others exhibit much the same disposition toward them. Our judgment effects how we see things.

By the way, What kind of people live in your town?

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