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What is more alarming that an outbreak of fire?

The fire of sin broke out in Eden

And has spread over the whole world

The only way of escape is to be pulled out

There is a ladder of escape like the ladder Jacob dreamed of, that reaches to heaven it is

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The nature of sin here is compared to fire

Fire is an element that can neither be weighed nor measured

Who can weigh or measure the workings of sin

The nature of sin, like fire, is to mar or destroy all that comes within its grasp

Sin is an unquenchable fire to man

There is a danger for the sinner

As he needs to be pulled out of the fire

It is clear that he must be in the fire

He is living under the power and dominion of sin

He may be completely unaware of his awful position

But the end is destruction all the same

Sin, like fire, when it is finished bringeth forth death

We have a work of rescue

To pull them out of the fire

With a cattle brand there are only two ways the brand can be saved from the burning

Either put out the fire, or pull out the brand

Man cannot put out the fire of sin

So sinners must be pulled out of the fire

In this world the church is God’s fire brigade

A rescue party sent to pull men out of the fire

There is not escape from sin’s destructive power

But by being separated from it

On January 27, 1903 fire broke out in a London lunatic asylum

Of the 300 inmates 50 perished and 250 had to be literally pulled out of the fire

While the rescue was taking place, these poor insane people behaved in such a way as to remind us of how insane sinners behave when others present them with salvation

Some laughed at the mention of fire

Only fools could laugh at a tragedy like this

Fools make a mockery of sin

Only those who are morally insane would dare to flirt with the fire of sin

Some said they would not leave their bed in the night to go out

They would not consent to leave their present enjoyment, even to save their own lives

There are many like this today

Who prefer the pleasures of a condemned state to the joy of salvation

Some were found hiding under the bed from the fire

They yearned for Peace, peace, when there was no peace

No one but a fool can suppose that a bed of ease or indifference is any protection against a consuming fire

Be sure your sin, like a fire, will find you out

Some seemed to think that the rescuers had made the fire

They were blamed for trying to burn them up

You would think to hear some people speak, that preachers were the makers of Hell

And disturbers of the peace

By seeking to convince men of sin and to pull them out of their deadly condition

Making a charge such as this shows they are simply trying to push the blame on someone else

They know what they say is not true

Many of them fought against their rescuers, biting and tearing their hair out

What a horrible picture

Warring and fighting against those who were sacrificing themselves for their deliverance

It is not an uncommon occurrence for those who seek to pull men out of the fire

To have their Christ-like efforts gnashed on with their teeth

And to have their merciful motives torn to pieces

Only spiritual lunatics could behave in this fashion

Some were heard knocking at a closed door to get out when it was to late

It must have been a terrible wake up call to come to their senses and find themselves imprisoned by a consuming fire

Those who refuse to be pulled out of the fire of sin will perish in it

“how shall ye escape, if ye neglect so great a salvation”

Every sane man and woman went to the rescue

The time was short

The doom of the unsaved was certain

The work was great and urgent

Every other interest was set aside

The one thing needed was the salvation of souls

All sane Christians make it their chief business to get souls pulled out of the fire

Are you out or in?

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