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I want to share with you the true story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Dr. Bernard Nathanson was a leading abortion doctor in the United States in the 1970’s. He had actually performed an abortion on a woman he had gotten pregnant during this time. This physician had campaigned vigorously for the legalization of abortion and he states that he had performed over 75,000 abortions himself.

But something changed Dr. Nathanson’s point of view, the introduction of the ultrasound in 1976. This device literally opened a window on fetal development. The first time Dr. Nathanson saw an ultrasound in action, he was convicted. He could see a throbbing heart and all four chambers of the heart pumping blood. He said that his mind had dropped the word fetus in favor of the word baby. Suddenly, everything he had been learning about the child in the womb since his entry into medicine snapped into focus. He had known what took place in the womb, but seeing it for the first time changed everything. Dr. Nathanson, the leading abortion doctor in America, became convinced that human life existed within the womb from the onset of pregnancy.

In an article he wrote for the New England Journal of Medicine he wrote, "in abortion, we are taking life." After deciding abortion that abortion was murder, he switched camps and began to campaign for a reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

One of the most convincing things that Dr. Nathanson did was to utilize an ultrasound to witness an abortion. He asked a colleague who was performing several abortions a day to put an ultrasound device on a few of his patients and, with their permission, taped the procedure. What they found was that the fetus seemed to feel pain and tried to get away from the suction device that the physician was using.

From a sermon by Rodney Johnson, "Do Not Be Deceived - God Is Not Mocked Part 3: Abortion" 8/2/2008

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