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The story is told about a seven-year-old boy who fell into a deep excavation being dug for a New York subway. He was taken bruised and suffering to the nearest hospital. When the doctor began to examine his injuries, the little boy took a deep breath and said, "I wish I could sing. I think I'd feel weller then." "All right, you may sing," the doctor said. The little boy began to sing as the doctor continued his examination. The boy winced a bit and continued to sing: "I'm so happy and here's the reason why, Jesus took all my burdens away." Several of the nurses and workers in the hospital heard the singing and came to hear the boy sing. Through all the pain of the examination the boy never lost a tune. Finally the doctor announced, "Well, I guess you're all right, little man. I couldn't find any broken bones." The little boy looked up at the doctor and said, "I guess it was the singing that fixed me. I always sing when I feel bad."

From a sermon by Ray Ellis, "Overflow of Love" 8/4/2008

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