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You ever met someone that had no sense of smell? I have, and actually, an estimated 2.7 million people in the United States have an impaired or absent sense of smell. It's known as chronic olfactory dysfunction.

Most people I know can smell when there is a certain powerful smell. Whether good or bad, everybody can smell it. People in this world, whether Christian or not, can smell us. They pick up on that aroma of Christ that permeates from us. And that smell smells different to different people. To one group, fellow Christians, they smell the fragrance of life. They see within us that eternal life that we will experience together. They smell the blessings of living a life for Christ. It is a great fragrance that brings joy to fellow Christians

But to the unsaved, we are the smell of death. One of the worst smells on earth is the smell of death. It can really turn your stomach. It...

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