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While using this illustration you need a clear picture with a small amount of dilluted coffee in it, and a pitcher of clear water to pour into the coffee to illustrate the point

Jesus Christ gives us living water (John 4).

So water mixed with dirt makes mud.

So when we are saved we receive the living water, mixed with our sinful dirty life, becomes mud.

But Jesus is the pure Living Water, crystal clear, spotless Lamb.

As we grow in Christ, as we allow Him to pour more of Himself into our lives, we actually become clearer and clearer.

The more we become like Him, the closer we get to being crystal clear ourselves.

But, we can not completely clear up while in this life.

There will always be that imperfection in our water.

Also, who is doing the clearing up?

Is it me?

No its Christ, pouring Himself into me, but only when I let Him.

I have to remove the top and allow Him to come into my life and dissipate the dirt amongst my muddy water.

Only then can He continue to wash me clean.

I wish I could continue to pour this in, until it overflowed the top.

A water hose would be the perfect example, because if we allow Jesus in to the point of letting Him take over completely, our muddy water would get clearer and clearer, until that dirt was all but flushed out, and all you would see would be Jesus’ Living Water.

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