3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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God is greater than any problem we will ever face, and Jesus is able to calm any storm. In 1993, I had the privilege of preaching the funeral for Bro. Moses Lee. Bro. Lee served for many years as a pastor in Franklin, Tensas and Winn Parishes, later on he served in the Mobile area. He was 93 when he died.

At the graveside, Bro. Lee’s son told me something that happened when he was 13 years old. He said they were down on the Boeuf River trying to have a baptismal service. The wind was blowing real hard that afternoon. It was so hard that the water had choppy waves on it. And they were afraid to get people out into the water -- especially the children.

But Bro. Moses Lee took the problem to the Lord. He led the people in prayer, and asked God to calm those waters so the baptismal service could go on. And God answered that prayer. Almost immediately, the wind and the waves died down. And they stayed down until the last person was baptized. Then the wind and the waves came back up again.

Jesus is able to calm any storm. And he cares. He cares about little children getting baptized in the Boeuf River. And He cares about you.

For reasons we do not understand, Jesus may not calm the storm you are in. But in those times, He will surely calm the storm in you. So you trust in the Lord and keep trusting in Jesus. Like those disciples in vs. 33, we should come to Jesus. We should worship Him, and say, "Truly You are the Son of God."

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