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As Dr. Charles B. Hardwick points out (in his sermon “The Promise”, 2nd Presbyterian Church, 12/24/07):

"On that Silent Night, God kept His promise: the God of the universe became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood – moved into a stable, moved into a feeding trough.. . God is still keeping promises like this. Jesus still moves into neighborhoods."

Friends, as true as those words are, the good news of great joy extends even further!

Jesus not only still moves into neighborhoods, but He moves into hearts. Further, He doesn't just seek to move there, He seeks to replace it with something infinitely better and dwell there!

Now, I realize, some will naturally fear: "Not my heart! It is far too filthy, messy, smelly, crowded and unfit for the God and Creator of the Universe!" To you, may I reply:...

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