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Why do people wear masks?

Several years ago, I had a nightmare, it was terrible.

For many days my spirit was greatly troubled.

In a dream, I saw one of my most serious workers at

church dying a terrible death.

As my church worker was dying,

I saw a battle going against my member.

I was broken beyond belief, as I saw this dedicated

Christian worker die and the Devil was grabbing the

individual and taking the soul to hell.

The smell was terrible, I could smell the enemy and

hell. This was so real.

In the dream, I started screaming, this is a terrible


No way enemy, you can’t have this worker!

I have counted on them to do many things to build

this church.

They have touched many people and led many to the


I am a better pastor because of this individual, and

the church is a better church, after all the hours

and efforts this family has invested in the church.

The enemy was slowly dragging my church member toward

the lake of fire and great torment.

We could hear the horrible sounds coming out of hell.

The smell was so real and horrible, I shall never


I was thinking, maybe there was secret sin, and they

were playing Christian games.

This was not the problem. I tried to fight for my

dear friend and the enemy kept slowly pulling my

member towards hell.

The fight was very painful.

I said, this is a good person.

This family paid their tithes.

They were faithful to church.

I could count on them.

What is going on here?

Jesus help me? What is going on here?

With tears in His eyes, Jesus came to me,

and said, I have tried and I have tried to change the

events of this day.

I have personally sent messages through you to warn

this individual?

I have sent radio messages to expose the sin?

I have given the words to television preachers, and

they watched with zeal, but My words were unheeded.

This person has cassette tapes that has warned them,

but they have not heard the message I have spoken to


This person has books on their shelf, they have read

the parts they like, but the message I warned them,

was unheeded.

As a matter of record, when they heard the message,

they said the message was for someone else.

They even said, amen, let it be, but they thought the

message was for the other party.

I again questioned, Why Jesus, what is the wrong?

I knew them! They are good people.

With tears running down Jesus’ face,

Jesus said, "This individual was very angry,

and full of wrath.

Bitterness was rampant daily, and unforgiveness had

helped to bring an early death....

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