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The True Christmas Gift

Twas the night before the birth,

when all the world did not know what was about to happen

Not a creature was stirring, and all men were napping

The rabbis were safe and secure in their knowledge

Old Herod, the king, the Lord he refused to acknowledge

King Herod was nestled in bed

With dreams of all the people he ruled dancing through his head.

Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem were looking for a place to nap

When at the inn door did Joseph tap

No room at the inn was there for the Lord to be

And Mary’s time was quite near for all to see

The inn keeper said there is no room at the inn

But the stables I am sure there is room for the Savior of Men.

So Mary and Joseph to the stables they went

And only the animals were there to witness that blessed event.

For on that night so long ago to man was born God’s only begotton son.

By him and him alone would the victory over sin be won.

The Angels on high did sing

As in all of heaven did praise and joy ring

When to the wandering shepherds did appear on high

Angels declaring the Lord’s birth was nigh.

Fear not they did call out

The savior has been born they did shout.

No longer does man with sin need to strive

For God’s gift has now arrived.

The shepherds to Bethlehem they did go.

To see the savior laid in a manager so low.

To all they cried with a shout

The savior has been born, man has no reason to doubt.

Those they told were amazed at what they had heard

But they soon forgot all the shepherd’s words.

On the eighth day to the temple Joseph and Mary went

And to the temple was Simeon sent

He said let your servant depart in peace for I have seen the Savior

No longer should the faith of men waiver.

Now this story for generations has been told

To belief and faith must one hold

For this gift is still there to receive

For all who will believe.

Form lowly manager to heaven on high

Our Lord is drawing nigh

Are you willing to believe

And no longer be deceived.

Poem by Rev. David Rogers 12/15/2008

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