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Jesus: Someone Who's Been There

When you travel, you sometimes ask someone else who has been there. Many from here have traveled to Boston/New England and have come to me to ask where to go, what to see. Why do they ask me? Because that's where I'm from. We trust people who have been places

When we travel by car, I sometimes like to stop at restaurants that I've never been to before. This sometimes is not a good idea, because sometimes I've picked real losers. So, my daughters have established rules at what restaurants we can stop at. They have three criteria and any restaurant has to meet at least two of these:

1) It is a chain -- so we can trust it.

2) There are many cars in the parking lot -- a place that has local appeal.

3) Someone we know and trust has been there and has recommended that restaurant.

Heaven may not be a chain, I'm not sure how many cars are in the lot -- but when Jesus was born into this world we now have someone who has been there and recommends the place.

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