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I ran across an article a few months back in Discipleship Journal called "Confessions of a Reluctant Faster." The author mentioned how God impressed upon her the need to pray and fast for a woman in her small group deeply involved in New Age. She didn't like the idea of fasting, and she admits to not really liking this woman either because she was pushy, bitter, and involved in her small group for social, not spiritual reasons. But God showed her she was in a spiritual battle, which required spiritual weapons. So she found one other person in her group (for accountability) and began fasting and praying one lunch period a week. She writes of her fasting experience:

"When I feel the pangs of hunger, I remember her loneliness and her spiritual hunger. When I long for a Twinkie, I realize why she fills her life with false-god junk, emptiness cries out to be filled with something, anything. When I don't join others around the lunch...

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