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Some years ago, the news service carried a story about a dramatic rescue. A California Highway Patrol officer received a call. It seems a woman was about to jump off a bridge. Immediately the officer, a woman herself, was confronted with a dilemma. This police officer had an extreme fear of heights, and the would-be jumper was perched on the railing of a bridge 443 feet above the floor of a deep gorge. So, you can appreciate the officer's situation.

The officer forced herself, however, to walk calmly toward the woman and sit down beside her. There, high above that gorge, they talked for two hours while the officer struggled with her own panic. Finally, the jumper agreed to come away from the railing and get help. That officer put herself in the very same place and the very same danger as the woman who was threatening to jump. She didn't turn away from the soul in distress; she turned to her. And that's exactly what God has done for us in Christ. He has turned to us.

From Ajai Prakash's Sermon (Why Was Christmas Designed?)

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