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A Roman Catholic priest, a Pentecostal pastor and a Jewish rabbi were talking one day about their belief in miracles.

The Roman Catholic said that he did believe in miracles and illustrated this by telling of a recent incident when he had flown to Durban. As the aircraft began it's final approach, a tremendous storm broke, the rain was pouring down, there were great peals of thunder and the plane was being buffeted about. The priest had prayed for a miracle and "for a hundred metres around the plane there was a great stillness and the plane landed safely."

The Pentecostal too said that he believed in miracles. When on holiday in Cape Town he and his wife had taken the trip out to Robben Island, on their return to Cape Town harbour however a great wind suddenly rose and the waves were very soon metres high. They feared for their lives and the priest had prayed for a miracle, and "for a hundred metres around the boat there was a great stillness and the boat arrived safely in the harbour."

The rabbi said that he had come to believe in miracles through an event that had taken...

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