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The word "trudge" gives us a definite picture. We trudge through snow. It is laborious walk. It is tiring. It takes work. It seems to me to be rather unmotivated. Sometimes doing what is right seems like trudging. Sometimes doing what we need to do is not glamorous and exciting. Sometimes doing what needs to be done is wrestling match where we wonder, "Why bother?"

But "trudging" can also imply walking with purpose and walking with intention. It often has a connotation of having a firm and important destination in mind. Often trudging is used in situations that are life and death, which is something a lot of people who just "go to church" do not really feel.

How many of us feel that our walk with God and how we live out God's ways and how we follow Jesus is really a matter of life or death? Many of us intellectually might know this but not all of us are truly that desperate. But we should be. And it is always that important for each and every one of us.

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