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Marriage and Creation

Your life started as the joining of two cells, One from your mother and one from your father. That cell from your dad made in an incredible journey as one of thousands. Each cell carries 23 chromosomes. When the cell from your dad and the cell from your mom met, they formed one cell, joined together to form your DNA. Your DNA carries the basic code that tells how you would be formed, how God would knit you...a brand new DNA code. Using four character nucleotides to write out the three billion character descriptions *your genome" describes who God ordained you to be. If take the DNA out of that single cell, it would be 6 feet long. If I read your DNA at the rate of one character per second, it would take me 96 years to read it all. Isn't it any wonder that we can never learn all there is to know about someone in a lifetime of marriage?

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