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Sanctity of life Sunday. Life, every life, is a miracle. No matter what you’ve been through. No matter what your parents have said about you or failed to say, you are God’s miracle. I showed you one baby picture… here is one where you are at three days old. At this point you have 16 cells. You could put it on the head of a pin. Pic of 16 cell.

Eventually you would form 75 trillion cells. Each cell contains 6 feet of DNA code. Your DNA if stretched out would go to the moon and back 178,000 times. As I told you that 50,000 cells died and were replaced by brand new cells. And just now 50,000 cells died. No wonder we are tired. Fearfully and wonderfully made indeed!

You’ve heard people tell how a baby was a mistake. Maybe you were told that you were a mistake. Oopps. Don’t believe it. Maybe two adults made a mistake. Maybe two kids thinking that they were adults made a mistake. But the formation of a baby by God’s hand inside the womb is never a mistake. It is never an accident. You are a miracle not a mistake. Every life is a miracle not a mistake. This is the first thing that we need to remember. We are miracles not mistakes.

No matter what your history is and no matter what has happened to you and no matter what kind of disabilities that the world may label us with: We are never mistakes. We are all miracles. Sometimes code malfunctions. Sometimes environment causes the code to malfunction or get distorted. Even if this is the case, every life is a miracle.

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