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Some of you know that I like to cycle, and I have this little book at home called “250 Best Cycling Tips.” In the section that deals with training for races they say, “The biggest problem that many cyclists face is finding enough time for training amidst life’s many responsibilities. Here are 10 ways to do it:

1. Train before work.

2. Ride at lunch.

3. Commute by bike

4. Train at night.

5. Schedule your ride like any other daily appointment.

6. Train intensely to maximize limited time

7. Adjust your goals to reflect limited time.

8. Enlist your family’s support so you can ride without guilt.

9. Combine your cycling with family activities.

10. Ride indoors when bad weather or interruptions occur.”

As I was reading this, it seemed to me that the biggest problem that many Christians face is time for God amidst life’s many responsibilities. So here are the tips reworked:

1. Pray before work

2. Pray at lunch.

3. Pray on your commute.

4. Pray at night.

5. Schedule your quiet time like any other daily...

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