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Grandma was rushing her two grandkids ages five and three out to the car from shopping when five year old Jason spoke up.

"Grams, Susie put something in her pocket in the store."

After a quick investigation, Grams discovered that Susie had picked up some pretty red barrettes and, liking them, put them into her pocket. Grams explained that how that was stealing and took them back inside so Susie could put them back.

"I sorry, Gwams. I didn’t mean to steal."

"That’s okay. Now you do. We’ll put them back. Besides I forgot to get something, so now I can get that too, and we’ll be done."

At the register, the young checker asked the kids, "Have you been good so Santa will come?"

"I’ve been really good," said Jason, "But my sister just robbed the store."

(From a sermon by Mark Eberly, "My God is Bigger Than Your God")

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