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I read a story that I thought was a perfect illustration as to what the perfect gift looks like at Christmas. It centered on a school Christmas pageant. Of course there was nothing there to make it religious. Only snowmen, reindeer and the like.

And so the kindergarten class was to sing a song, and the name of the song was Christmas Love. And so the children had large letters that they were to hold up as they sang the song. There was the C which stood for Christmas and then there was an "H" that stood for Happiness and an "R" well you get the idea. And they would continue this until they had the letters up that spelled Christmas Love.

Everything was going well until the small quiet girl who had the letter "M" held up her sign. Pretty soon the kids began to giggle and laugh as the song kept going on. They were laughing at the little girl who had the "M" sign. The "M" girl did not know they were laughing at her, and she still held up her letter high. The song continued and the last letter was raised, and when the last letter was raised all the laughter died down and there was a hush as kids and parents began to understand what was...

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