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Some of you know Helen Schaaf. I shared with the church her current physical struggles a few weeks ago. She had debilitating back pain that was making walking excruciatingly painful; finally, her doctor diagnosed a treatment for her. She had an injection in her spine so that she could walk again without pain. Less then seven days later she found herself once again laid up, but this time it was the result of doing a good turn for her daughter, watching her dog. While taking the dog out a neighbor’s dog charged her, knocked her down and broke her tail bone and crushed her right arm.

When I was in the hospital before her surgery, she was very expressive about how she is trusting in the Lord. While there the doctors had an additional concern because of something they found but she responded to that news with a similar sweet spirit, I am not going to worry about it the Lord will take care of me.

So what was she doing when I met her in the hospital, witnessing to the nurse – no complaining, no bitterness, no just accepting the hand she was dealt and making the best of it. Well, I am sure there are many in this room that currently find themselves in a difficult circumstance, and if you aren’t now you probably will be in the near future.

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