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In 2002, Lisa Beamer was interviewed by a writer for Today’s Christian Woman. She was asked "What happened to you on 9-11?" Lisa gave some details of the early part of that day and then says, "As soon as I heard that (it had been her husband’s flight), I cried out 'No!' and crumpled to the floor. I spent the rest of the day in my bedroom, huddled on my bed. I felt as though I literally needed to hold every atom of my body together, otherwise I’d fall apart."

Later friends, family and church people came to be with her family. "I didn’t break down crying hysterically or scream; God already was giving me an incredible peace." God used family, friends and our church to provide for our family’s needs, such as laundry and meals.

Lisa was asked, "What is your biggest struggle now?" She answered, "It is living in grief and in hope, which are both realities for me. When anxiety creeps in, I tell myself I’m not going to let that happen, because it won’t do any good. I can say, 'Poor me,' and get swallowed up by pity. Or I can say, 'I’m blessed...'".

We learn from this account that Lisa had a choice to either accept or complain about the providential will of God for her life; she chose to accept it and so must you. His provision will be provided for your family, possibly just like Lisa’s, through family, friends, your church.

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