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By the way, I got a prayer handkerchief in the mail about two-three weeks ago. It was a fundraising approach by an interdenominational group and it cited Acts 19 as its affirmation. They missed the point! Even as the people snuggling together under Peter’s shadow missed the point. The power—the healing, freeing, life-giving power comes from God—not from physical manifestations. If I’m confessed up, cleansed, forgiven, and fully cooperating with God’s Holy Spirit, my prayer for your healing or deliverance is every bit as powerful whether or not you’ve ever been touched by my shadow or given a piece of cloth that once touched me. The power is God’s. And if I’m not affecting my world and you’re not affecting your world like Peter and Paul did, it isn’t your shadow’s fault. It’s that we aren’t allowing God to flow through us totally and completely—no holds barred—no reservations—no hesitations.

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