6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

A preacher once met a man named Worral. He had been stricken with rheumatoid

arthritis at age 15, years went by before he met him again. 30 years later they crossed

paths only to find Worral now totally paralyzed except for 1 finger. He could barely speak

and was totally blind.

But he had a string tied to that one mobile finger that could turn on a recorder. He wrote for

national magazines, authored books and led a happy and influential life from his bed. This

was possible because after initial prayers brought no healing, he accepted his lot graciously

and said, "Well Lord! If this is the size plot in life you’ve staked out for me, let’s

you and me together show the world what we can grow on it."

Have you ever felt you were being stricken by trials. Sometimes they seem like they are going to

totally paralyze you. Yours might be in the form of overwhelming financial obligations such as

college tuition or huge medical bills; maybe family problems, sickness or a loss of a job.

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