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There was a Welsh woman who lived in a valley far away from any town or city. She was s simple minded, hard working person who knew little about the ways of the world. At a great sacrifice to herself, she had electricity installed in her little cottage. "You use the electric lights so little, I wonder if it was worth what it cost you to have them put in," said a neighbor. "Oh, yes," answered the woman. "I switch them on every night to see to light my lamps. Then I switch them off!" Think of it! With great power at her command with the flip of a switch, she continued the task of trimming wicks, pouring oil and lighting lamps!

For Christians many times we do things in our own power and it makes us tired. We have power beyond compare at our disposal but we often fail to use the power God provides.

For those without Christ, you need to tap into the power source. Need to be saved to get the power of Jesus Christ in your life.

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