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The most appealing part of heaven is not what isn’t there or what is there, but rather who is there. And I am referring to Jesus, our Savior. We want to be where our Savior is.

Don had 3 German Shepherds—Ranger, Gunner, and Josie. He loved those dogs. And they loved him—especially Ranger. During Don’s last days, Mary would let Ranger into the house. And Ranger would go into the Living Room. Ranger wasn’t interested in lying down in the kitchen or in the bedroom or in the dining room. He wanted to be in the Living Room. Why? Because that’s where Don was—-that’s where his master was.

And that’s the best part about going to heaven. That’s where Jesus is. And just as Ranger wanted to be with Don, so Don wanted to be with Jesus. And ultimately, that’s what really makes heaven a better home—-Jesus is there.

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