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When my son was 5, he wanted to be a fireman. That Halloween, we all new what his costume choice would be. So we got him a bright yellow fireman costume and set out for trick-or-treat. As we went his insisted that we go to the local firehouse. I thought that was a fine idea. They would pass out candy and safety brochures to the children for Halloween every year.

As we arrived at the fire house, I allowed my son to run a head of me while I waited for him at the car. I fully expected him to run up, say "trick-or-treat" get his candy and run back to me to continue through the neighborhood. He surprised me when I saw that, he wasn’t coming back. There was a line or 3-4 fireman standing outside the firehouse greeting the kids that came up. It surprised me when I saw my son standing along the fireman who were passing out candy. His arms were crossed with a proud look on his face. He really felt like one of the guys. No candy in any house in the community could lure him away from that moment. Eventually, one of the fire man looked at him and said, "Would you like to see the fire trucks?" He jumped at the chance and I found out that I was the only father who’s son would rather have a tour of the firehouse than go trick-or-treating. (Makes it hard for a dad who sneaks candy out of the kids bag every year!)

But I wondered, how was it that he was the only kid who was able to get a personally guided tour of the fire house on Halloween night? Because he showed those fire men that he wanted to be just like them. Now, even though he felt like one of the guys, he was in no way a fireman, but they saw his desire and honored.

Sometimes, when we try to like a life that is Christ-like, we may feel like simply a kid dressed up in a Halloween costume. But that makes no difference to God, because He sees your heart and knows your desires. And when the time comes when He looks to you and says, "Well done . . ." He will honor that desire with eternal rewards.

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