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Phil Vischer is the creator of Veggie Tales. He is the voice of Bob the Tomato and other various characters. In 2004, Phil was one of the guest speakers at my minister’s convention that I attend each year. Phil told about his dream coming to an end. He told about Big Idea (the name of Phil’s company) being sued in 2000 for a breach of contract, of which Phil says they were innocent. Long story short, Big Idea went bankrupt, and Phil lost everything!

It was time for Phil Vischer to start again, to start over. He said he learned mainly to do what God wants to do when God wants to do it. Phil went and pitched his new idea to a company, and the company’s board asked Phil where he was going to be in five years. After a long and awkward pause, Phil said, "Right in the center of God’s will." A great answer!

(From a sermon by Mark Nichols, "Fresh Start....With Myself - A Message on Making Wise Decisions" 1/20/2009)

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