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One night, a poor Jewish man named Isaac from Krakel, Poland, in a vivid dream, saw a buried treasure hidden under a particular bridge in the distant city of Prague. For the next two weeks, he dreamed of the particular city, the same bridge, and the buried treasure. The man was determined to walk all the way to Prague to see for himself.

Upon reaching the city for his first time, he recognized it from his dream, found the bridge and went underneath to look for the treasure. And suddenly he was grabbed at the back of his neck by a soldier who dragged him away to prison for interrogation.

The soldier set him on a chair and said, "All right, you Jew, what were you doing prowling around underneath the bridge?" Not knowing what else to say, Isaac blurted out the truth. "I had a dream that there was buried treasure underneath the bridge, and I was looking for it."

Immediately the soldier burst into mocking laughter, and said, "You stupid Jew, don’t you know you can’t believe what you see in your dreams. Why, for the last two weeks I myself have had a dream every night that far away in the city of Krakel, in the house of some Jew by the name of Isaac son of Yaakob, is a treasure buried under the stove in his kitchen. But wouldn’t it be the most idiotic thing in the world if I would go all the way to Krakel to look for some Jew that doesn’t...

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