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An engineer, after doing his internship with NASA in Houston, made a startling decision to change course and study medicine. Two decades removed from college, he shared his testimony in our church thanksgiving service:

"Passing the Oral Board is the culmination of 10 years of medical school, residency, and practice. If I were to include the college years and premed studies, the total would be 20 years. My decision to enter medicine in part was to follow Jesus, to heal the sick and to ease the suffering. As an anesthesiologist, I have the crucial role in putting patients to sleep and to revive them later. In Biblical times, this would be regarded as a supernatural power, performed only by Jesus Christ. Although the patients may not be aware of my presence during their surgery, I constantly monitor and watch over them, not just the operative part but the entire patient. This reminds me of how our Lord watches over each and every one of us, even though we may not be aware of His presence. I thank the Lord for giving me knowledge and skills to take care the weak and the sick. For Him, He is the true Healer and Life-Giver."

(From a sermon by Victor Yap, "For the Good of Those Who Love Him" 1/24/2009)

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