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AS FOR ME -- "Henry"

Dangling over eternity are many unlearned souls,

Gripping the bands of God’s mercy,

Stretching them all they can go,

Living the most deceptive nightmare,

As it is written, they are living a lie,

They can’t even allow themselves the luxury of breaking down to cry,

Unable to see the big picture,

Quite frankly not even a desire to,

Plagarizing the attributes of God,

Their purpose they haven’t a clue,

Full of the world’s wisdom,

Full of greed, pride and fame,

Standing at the brink of condemnation,

Too much money to feel any shame.

Their missing it, Mama,

Let ‘em play with their blasphemous toys,

The truth is, Hell is gonna be full of good ‘ol boys.

But as for me,

I am an obstacle that all of Hell cannot cross,

I’m employed by the Creator,

El Shaddai is my Boss,

I work the mornings,

I work the evenings,

I work all night long,

The time clock’s in Heaven,

I get paid when I get Home!

(From a sermon by Philip Harrelson, "The Greatest Generation" 1/30/2009)

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