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When I was in high school I was a very lazy person. I was a walking, talking illustration of what sloth looks like. Classes didnt challenge me. I found I could get good grades whether I paid attention or not, so I chose the latter. I spent a greater portion of most of my classes drooling on the desk than I did listening to the teacher talk. Still I got all As and Bs. I told myself I wasnt lazy, just bored. I told myself that I would work hard when something finally challenged me until then, I would take it easy. So in my large amount of free time I developed a love for movies. It was one summer probably my sophomore year of high school. I didnt have a lot of friends so all I really did during the summer was work. One summer I called off work for two weeks with the explicit purpose of doing nothing. My room was in the basement. We had an entertainment center downstairs along with a refrigerator. For two weeks the only time I left the basement was to eat a meal with my family. I took snacks, drinks, and all the movies I could watch downstairs and just laid on the couch in my pajamas all day every day for two weeks. No showers. No going out to see people. No changing clothes. Nothing just movies. I am not sure if lazy quite describes what that was. Certainly it was slothful and kind of gross now that I think about it. That is a picture of what sloth looks like. Calling off responsibilities, not doing anything, sitting around apathetic to the world, and wasting all that perfectly good energy and time is practically the definition of sloth.

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