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I read a beautiful story that illustrates this truth. In December of 1971 the Daily News of Maryville, Tennessee, ran a brief story about a nine-year-old boy who did an inspiring and self-giving act. He loved his mother, who had been widowed, and wanted to buy her a Christmas gift. However, he did not have enough money to buy the gift.

He came up with a plan to sell his battered, rusty old bicycle to a local pawn shop. He cleaned the bicycle and carried it to the pawn shop. The owner gave him $8. As he left the shop and looked back, he commented, "I won’t need that old bike before next spring anyway."

(Source: R.L. Middleton, "The Gift Of Love." Nashville: Broadman. 1976. p. 31. From a sermon by Leland Patrick, "The Finer Points Of Love (Part 2)" 2/10/2009)

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