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Auguste Rodin was a French impressionist sculptor. He created The Thinker.

The Thinker was originally meant to sit on top of Rodin’s greatest masterpiece, the Gates of Hell. The Thinker is contemplating an eternity of judgment separated from


Author Neil Cole writes about a party he was at where The Thinker was being displayed. Cole writes that he overheard a woman saying, ’Oh, I could just stare at the Gates of Hell forever.’ "There was a long pause in the conversation as her words began to sink in," writes Cole. "A few gave an uncomfortable chuckle as it dawned on them how significant her words truly were."

Cole writes, "All I could think about was, ’Oh, I hope not.’"

If we--you and I--sit back in our fortress frightened by all that seems to threaten us, we will allow countless folks remain without knowing the love that God has for them! We need to be on the offense and storm the gates of personal hell. This is what it means to be Church--according to Jesus!

(From a sermon by Kenneth Sauer, "What Business Are We In?" 2/11/2009)

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