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Consider this: There was a man whose life was characterized by failure. At the age of 22, his business failed. At 23, he ran for Legislature but was defeated. So he turned to another business, which failed when he was 24. At 25, things started to turn around when he was elected to Legislature, but at 26 his love died. He had a nervous breakdown at 27 and was defeated in his run for Speaker at 29. He was defeated at 31 when he ran for Elector, he lost in his run for Congress at 34, but then managed to win at 37. He was defeated in his re-election for Congress in 39, he was defeated in his run for Senate at 46, he was defeated in his run for Vice President at 47, he was defeated for his run for Senate at 49. This man was stubborn as a mule but not a winning mule.

He was defeated over and over and over again until at the age of 51 he was elected President of the United States. In fact, he would become one of the greatest presidents in our country's history. He is Abraham Lincoln. He endured through the hardships, the trials, the defeats, the rejections, and the failures. Until one day he became our commander-in-chief. That is the power of perseverance. It is vital for success.

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