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Chilly Chilton is the Sr. Pastor of Real Church in the inner city of Detroit. His church people have to listen 3 times a day to the Muslims call to prayer as it is broadcasted through the air waves. Chilly founded Real Church in June 2004. His community is called Hamtramck. Their church has seen people saved every single Sunday since its conception.

They even prior to opening their doors had a Muslim man knock on the church door and ask to be saved. In the midst of remodeling they were able to lead this man to Christ.

Chilly spoke three times at our convention and did an awesome job communicating the awesome power of the Lord through his church plant. He shared many stories of God's provision. He shared prior to his third message a wow moment from God. He had received a call that morning from man he had never meet who said that he heard he was in Florida and he wanted to meet with him. The man was going to drive two hours to meet with Chilly. First thing Chilly noted was, "Why would anyone want to drive two hours to meet with me?" So this man drives up from southern Florida -- he is a catholic and a wealthy business man. So Chilly meets with him and this man offers to buy him a new building in another part of Detroit to help him plant another Real Church in this depressed city. They set a time to meet in Detroit to go look at possible buildings. Then the man hands him $1,000 dollars only after meeting with him for 10 minutes. The man tells him that the Lord told him to give him this money and to get him another building in Detroit. The man gets up and says "Thanks for meeting with me! I have to drive back now to make more money."

Before you think this is crazy -- I want you to know that I saw this man come into the convention looking for Chilly -- it's another God moment with a wow impact.

Chilly even noted, "I think my jaw dropped in awe of God and His miraculous ways!"

It is moments like these that I get wowed by God -- I stand with my jaw dropped thinking this is absolutely amazing! I stand back in awe of God.

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