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When I was in Bible College. Fridays were not fun. Those were the nights we had "work sections." You heard me -- "work sections." We changed out of our holy threads to work-clothes and started cleaning the College, from scrubbing potatoes to scrubbing floors. And none of this mop in a commercial bucket with the hand-pressed mop wringer. It was on-your-hands-and-knees-floor-cleaning routines. The "inspectors" walked through with their white gloves to "inspect" our work, and when you finally met their standard, you enjoyed an hour and a half of free time because the College locked down at midnight on Fridays. You dare not be late getting in.

Somehow we saw the value of these rigorous routines, drawing on the words of the musical "cleanliness is next to godliness, soap and water is divine."

My story reflects the tough work of cleaning what becomes stained and soiled. No matter how hard we scrub or how often we clean, life spills gunk all over everything and leaves stains everywhere.

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