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Dear Dad,

Heroes are men who first of all are heroes for God and then heroes to their families. To be a hero for God, you need to yield your life 100% to Him.

What's in this name "hero"? Josh McDowell shares,

"A few years ago, a radio jockey polled almost two hundred teenagers in a shopping mall. Topping their list of heroes was Prince, followed by Madonna and Michael Jackson. Not a single teenager named his or her mom or dad.

"Does that mean that moms and dads are out of the running? Hardly. It simply means that almost two hundred kids equated the word "hero" with their favorite entertainers. But real heroes aren't glittering images on a TV or movie screen; they don't come in for a one-night stand at a rock concert or sports event. True heroes are there for the long haul, and you can see their weaknesses along with their strengths."

He adds:

"How do you define that word 'hero'? If you go to the dictionary, one edition will tell you a hero is 'noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose; a hero risks or sacrifices his life.' Another definition says a hero is 'a person prominent in some event, field or cause because he or she has made a special achievement or contribution.' That second definition ties in with the whole celebrity craze today and explains why so many parents fear they can never be a hero to their children--they don’t have enough charisma. Dictionary definitions are good for starters, I suppose, but for me they don’t quite nail down the real point of what a hero really is. For someone to be me my hero, he or she has to be a person that I want to be like. A hero can't be much of a hero if you don't desire to emulate that person, act the way that persons acts, and live the way that person lives."

Genuine heroes are rare today. We have many fake heroes today which have been created by the media. They are man-made heroes, not God-made heroes. The sad fact is there are not many genuine heroes out there today. The ones that I see labeled "heroes" lack compassion, ethics, family values, and many of the other Godly traits that actually creates heroes. Those I see called "heroes" may be able to sing or dance or play ball, but they cannot and will not serve others. They choose to make the big play for the big money, but their personal lives are not worth imitating. Their lives are focused on fame and fortunes. But they really could care less about you or I personally. Most of those culture-labeled heroes today don't even know you exist. Heroes--personal heroes--are the ones who touch your life in positive way.

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