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In 1952, when the Betty Crocker company first began selling cake mixes, they offered a product which only needed water, and you would get a perfectly moist cake every time. But it bombed, and they couldn’t understand why!

So they commissioned a study and found that people weren’t buying the cake mix because it was too easy--they wanted to feel like they were contributing something to it. So, Betty Crocker changed the formula which required an egg in addition to water and immediately, the mix was a huge success!

Did you know there are churches who make the same mistake when it comes to "packaging" or presenting the gospel of salvation? There are churches all around us who try to make salvation as easy as possible, because they’re afraid people won’t "buy it" if it seems too hard to live!

The problem with that marketing scheme? Jesus said, "The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life will keep it." The same principle is true in life isn’t it?

(Source: Gene Edwards, "The Blessing Of Letting Go!" 2/17/2009.

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